The Bailey’s Prize Shadow Panel 2015

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that this year I won’t be shadowing the Bailey’s Prize alone. Oh, no. I’m joined by five fantastic bloggers/writers/bookish people who all will be posting, tweeting and discussing the books longlisted for the prize on Tuesday. Here’s a short guide to each of us:

Naomi Frisby blogs about female writers at The Writes of Woman. She is currently writing a novel and working towards a PhD in Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University. Twitter: @Frizbot

Eric Karl Anderson is an American-born writer who has lived in London for over a decade and runs the book blog He’s author of the novel ENOUGH which won the Pearl Street Publishing First Book Prize. He’s also keen on baking and watching disaster movies. Find him on Twitter @LonesomeReader

Antonia Honeywell is a teacher, a writer and an avid and promiscuous reader. Her debut novel, The Ship, a haunting dystopian fable for our times, is published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Twitter: @antonia_writes

Helen Stanton’s day job is a solicitor but she has always been an avid reader. She reads mainly ‘literary’ fiction but does stray into nonfiction from time to time, mainly social history and politics. She also reads Francophone fiction in French. Just over a year ago, she started a blog MadAboutTheBooks on which she reviews some of the books she reads. She enjoys engaging with other bibliophiles on Twitter and in the blogosphere. Her favourite book is Middlemarch. Twitter: @Helannsta

Daniel Lipscombe’s life pretty much revolves around books. He is an event programmer for a book festival, he writes about them for various online places and he is a freelance fiction editor. He occasionally blogs about them, when he finds time, but usually he just ends up reading another book instead.
Twitter: @utterbiblio

Paola Rucocco: A bookish child (or po-faced pedant, depending on whom you speak to), I was discouraged by my oh-so-sensible parents from studying English and opted for Computer Science – a ‘proper’ subject – instead. But you can’t keep a would-be writer down and I segued into technical authoring before finally plucking up the courage to try my hand at fiction. The years passed, I acquired an agent but no publisher, a bad Twitter habit, and no money whatsoever. Maybe my oh-so-sensible parents had the right idea after all. Twitter: @paola_ruocco

Paola is currently away travelling but she’ll join us on her return later this month and will be blogging on readwritehead.

I hope you enjoy the discussion and join in, we’d love to hear your thoughts when the judging process gets underway.


24 thoughts on “The Bailey’s Prize Shadow Panel 2015

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  2. Now this looks great fun… fab idea with great booky people – will shadow your shadowing. Will you each post on separate blogs or is there to be a key one?

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  4. So are you guys going to pick your “Shadow Winner” as it were, and see if you agree with the panel? I’ll try and read as many as I can, but it’ll be tough – looking forward to a “robust debate” lol!


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