Late To It

Artwork by S.J. Hawkins

I’m, erm, late to posting here this year. This is partly because the start of the year in the UK was rough; lockdown in winter is no fun whatsoever. It’s also partly because I’ve been working on a new project, a podcast called Late To It, with my friend and co-host Kirsty Doole.

Late To It is about reading books at the right time. The idea that you are ‘late’ to a book, film, TV series, exhibition, article and so on has become pervasive on social media in the last few years. We wanted to reclaim this idea and make it positive. Sometimes you read a book that’s been around for years at a time that’s perfect for you, when it means more than it ever would if you’d read it on the week it was published. We wanted to capture that and to highlight books that are out in paperback that might not have had the attention they deserved when they were first released. We also wanted a reason to read those books that have been sitting on our own shelves for a while that we’ve been neglected for the shiny and new ones that can sometime feel as though they’re shouting for our attention.

The first episode features two debut novels: Gwendoline Riley’s Cold Water, which is set in Manchester, a city I love and am strongly connected to, and Kirsten Innes’ Fishnet, which is set in an unnamed city that might be Glasgow, which is close to where Kirsty grew up.

We do also mention more recent books that we’ve been reading and enjoying. In this episode they are:

little scratch by Rebecca Watson
Mrs Death Misses Death by Salena Godden
Sanatorium by Abi Palmer

You can view our podcast landing page, and listen directly, here. Or listen on Spotify here. We will also be available on Apple, we’re just waiting for them to approve the listing. We hope you enjoy it and discover some new/old books.