American Spy – Lauren Wilkinson #DiverseDecember #11

American Spy opens with an explosive chapter in which the narrator, Marie Mitchell, confronts an invader in her home. Across the hall, her twin boys, William and Tommy are asleep. Knowing that this won’t be the last time someone comes for her, Marie takes the boys and goes to her mother’s in Martinique. There, Maria writes to the boys the story of how she became a female African American FBI intelligence officer and how she met their father. 

Her story is a deftly woven tale of how she became an intelligence office; of underhand tactics in a white boys’ club, and how her perceptions of the job changed through an undercover operation. Although the pace never matches the opening, it is, nevertheless, an engrossing tale with some unexpected revelations. 

American Spy is published by Dialogue Books. The copy I read was my own purchase.