I review books written by women – old and new, literary and commercial, fiction and non-fiction with the occasional YA title.

My preferences lean towards literary fiction although I try and read as broadly as possible. I’m particularly concerned with covering translated fiction, working class fiction, books by women of colour and women who identify as LGBT.

I’ll read pretty much anything set in New York, while my PhD interests include circus and sideshow fiction, dystopia/utopia, updated/modern fairytales and feminist literature (fiction and non-fiction).

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of child narrators  (under 12s). (My Name Is Leon by Kit de Waal is a notable exception.)

I wrote about the rationale behind the blog here.

I’ve written for Fiction Uncovered and been a contributor to the Waterstones’ blog. I’m currently doing a PhD in Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University and have been shortlisted for The White Review Prize and longlisted for Manchester Fiction Prize.

You can find me on Twitter @Frizbot or email me on beemerbride at hotmail.com. Unfortunately I am no longer able to accept direct requests from authors.

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  4. Naomi, a writer friend just shared your blog with our organization, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (I have a feeling you’re going to have a slew of new followers this week!), and I’m so happy she did. Adding you to my regular blog reads now. Thank you for celebrating women writers!

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