Writers, Lovers and Adulthood


I’m planning to share what I’ve been reading lately with you soon, but in the meantime I have a piece on the Pan Macmillan blog. It’s about Lily King’s superb new novel Writers & Lovers and why it’s time we retired marriage, mortgage and children as the markers of adulthood. You can read it here.

4 thoughts on “Writers, Lovers and Adulthood

      • For my postdoc, I’m working on a research project that looks at how British children’s and adolescents’ ideas about adulthood have changed from c.1950 to the present day. One big theme (when I get round to writing it up) will be precisely what you say in your article: we still have fixed ideas about adulthood that date from the post-war period but that don’t match lived experiences today. I’ve just finished interviewing teenagers in a secondary school as part of this project and they have lots to say about how having the right ‘mindset’ or ‘mentality’ is the most important thing about adulthood, and that this is something you can achieve before you’re legally an adult. Great article, thank you!


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