The Waterstones’ Bloggers


If you’re on social media, you might have seen that Waterstones have appointed seven bloggers to contribute book recommendations on their blog and I’m absolutely thrilled to be one of them.

The other six are fellow Bailey’s shadow panel member Eric, who blogs at Lonesome Reader; Simon of Savidge Reads; Kim of Reading Matters; Nina of Notes from the Chair; Kate of Adventures with Words, and Gav of An Unreliable Reader. They’re all bloggers I’ve long enjoyed reading/listening to and highly recommend them if you’re not following their blogs already.

We’ll each be making a monthly contribution to the Waterstones’ blog, recommending books we’ve loved recently. Me and Eric are up first, you can read our favourite books for March here.

23 thoughts on “The Waterstones’ Bloggers

      • Yes, I got an email at the beginning of the year. I didn’t think it was a wind-up, I knew who the person who emailed me was. However, I completely underestimated what a big deal it was going to be – I realise that sounds crackers now!

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    • It’s great they’re giving bloggers a voice – I’d just tell them, leave me in the shop with some butties and come back in the morning! It’ll promote your blog really well, too. I think it’s really forward thinking of them – they’re trying to give off an “independent bookstore” vibe, despite being a chain, and I think it works really well. All the best to them – and you guys! I’ll be intrigued to see the different bloggers choices each month.

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  1. Well done you! How utterly thrilling. A thousand yeses to both The Lonely City and Eileen. Ghostbird looks fascinating, as well–that’s one that’s flown under my radar (pun unintended, but I’m so pleased with it that I’m keeping it.)

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