My Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction 2016 Wishlist

It’s almost time! The Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist will be announced next Tuesday, 8th March. Once again, I’ll be shadowing the prize and for the second year running, I’ll be doing so with a panel. I’ll introduce you to the members of that panel on Friday.

For now though, here are the books I’d like to see appear on Tuesday’s list. They’re a combination of books I’ve loved and those I’m keen to read based on what I’ve heard about them so far. I’ve had to cull this list significantly to keep it to 20 books so, as usual, anything’s possible with the real one!

To be eligible, books have to be written in English and first published in the UK between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016. Publishers can enter three full length novels per imprint plus anything eligible by writers who have previously won the prize.

I’ve reviewed the first eleven titles – click on the covers to go to my reviews – and read the next three as well (reviews coming soon).







24 thoughts on “My Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction 2016 Wishlist

  1. As per usual, I recognise tons of these and have only read two or three! Perhaps next year (when I’ll have been requesting books from publishers for longer) I’ll have better luck. Am mad keen for the longlist to come out now–I love comparing predictions 🙂

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  2. Interesting list! There are a few on here that I haven’t heard of. I’d be shocked if A Little Life didn’t make the longlist, but I also think ‘The Other Side of the World’ by Stephanie Bishop will make it. *heads off to look up The Portable Veblen’*


    • Hi Jackie, Nice to hear from you! I’d be surprised if ALL isn’t on the longest but could see it not making the shortlist as it’s so divisive. I haven’t read the Bishop but it is on my shelf so I look forward to that if it’s on there. Love The Portable Veblen – enjoy!


  3. I’m very excited for the longlist. We share quite a few predictions, including Girl at War, which I’m hoping to see because it was one of my favorite reads of last year and hasn’t received nearly enough attention! I look forward to reading along with you this year!


    • I’ve just been and looked at your list and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see many of the ones you’ve plumped for that I haven’t on the final list.

      I’m really surprised that Girl At War hasn’t had more attention. Not only because it’s very good but it seemed to have such momentum behind it.


  4. I’ve read two – Little Life and Green Road of which the former was by far the best. i started The Living but it’s not capturing my interest very much and I may well give up on it


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  6. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! So many good picks here. I loved The Portable Veblen (and I hope people ‘get it’). Lucy Barton, A Little Life, Green Road and Eileen all among the best books I’ve read in the last 6-12 months.
    Pleased to see you included Saint Maize – I haven’t read it yet (it’s in the TBR) stack but I really enjoyed The Middlesteins, so assuming this is of a similar calibre.

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