The Bailey’s Prize Shadow Panel Shortlist

Twenty books, five weeks, six readers and a lot of discussion later (some of it heated – ask six passionate readers how they each feel about a book and prepare to stand back!), here’s the Shadow Panel’s choices for the shortlist. (In alphabetical order by author.)

If you click on the books, they will take you to my reviews. My reviews of all the longlisted books are linked to here. Let us know what you think of our decisions. The official shortlist is announced tonight across all the Bailey’s Prize social media channels at 7.15pm.

18 thoughts on “The Bailey’s Prize Shadow Panel Shortlist

  1. Ah, no Elizabeth is Missing or Station Eleven? I loved those books. But I also loved I am China and you weren’t a fan of that!


    • This was a panel decision so there had to be majority agreement on the books that made the shortlist. All three books you mention had at least one champion on the panel. One of our discussions was about books we loved that we weren’t sure they met all of the criteria set by the prize.

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  2. Can’t wait to see how the shadow list matches up with the ‘official’ list. I’ve been a bit slack in Bailey’s reading (currently reading the Australian Stella Prize shortlist) but figure I’ll get busy after the official announcement.


      • Yes, will be posting all my Stella reviews (in a flurry this week!).
        Have a bad feeling that Hausfrau will be missing out on lots of shortlists… WHY?!


      • The reaction I’ve seen to Hausfrau suggests it’s a marmite book. In which case, it’s going to be dismissed if you’re on a panel isn’t it?


  3. Really impressed by the time and effort to create the shadow panel – well done all of you! What a buzz it will be for you to see if your list matches theirs. I haven’t read all of the reviews (for fear I’d keep buying more books and add to my already mountainous tbr list!) but will do soon.

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