A note about this week’s In the Media

There will be no In the Media this week as technology has failed me. I usually do the whole post in one go but because we had things on this weekend, I started it yesterday and finished all the links about ten minutes ago, leaving the photographs and tags to be done. I always save it as I go but as we were about to go out again, I wanted to change the time the piece would publish in case we weren’t back in time for me to complete the tags before 7.30pm (UK time). For some reason, it lost everything I’ve done in the last 24 hours. I’ve done everything I can to try and restore it but it’s just not there. As a lot of the posts I link to are stored as Favourites on my Twitter account, I delete them as I’ve linked to them. This means I don’t have a list of the articles/interviews/fiction pieces anymore either. I’m so sorry. I’m gutted and just glad that we were going to the pub, so I can cry into a pint. When I’ve done that I’ll start thinking about what I can change so it doesn’t happen again.


34 thoughts on “A note about this week’s In the Media

  1. Echo above, sympathise with losing work after all your efforts & do hope it boosts appreciation for In the Media… Hoping that pint is first of a few, you’ve earned them!


    • Thanks Lynsey. No, I said to my husband it’s never happened before – thought I’d lost it once and it was there, all backed up – so I was wondering whether there’s a glitch in the update. Anyway, husband understands coding so he’s going to see if there’s a better way of doing it. In the meantime, more booze…!


      • Definitely more booze. And, yes, I am convinced the update is to blame. (Lost a post myself a few weeks ago. Looked online & found people saying you could retrieve the post so long as you’d created it via the old dashboard! Which I hadn’t, unfortunately.) Also it blooming deletes all your paragraph breaks when you try to edit. *Quietly fumes on your behalf* Enjoy your booze!


    • I was astounded more than anything, I couldn’t believe it’d disappeared – and that’s not like me as I’m a right swearer. So apparently that’s how you stop me swearing! And thank you.


  2. Enjoy that beer, Naomi! How annoying for you – when I started blogging, a couple of times I thought I’d lost it but it was hiding elsewhere. Really frustrating for you, as you probably spent hours on it. Anyway, enjoy the pub! xxx


  3. Oh, I feel your pain – so sorry for you! I’ve had that happen a couple of times but never with anything really long. Cry into your pint and we miss you and wish you a much happier, more productive week!


  4. Argh 😦 Sorry 😦

    (the way around it would be to go to the actual WP database, which is available if you have a wordpress.org site, but I haven’t heard of it being available for wordpress.com users. Unfortunately. Hope your hubby is wiser than me!)


  5. How frustrating for you, Naomi. It must be heartbreaking to lose all that work especially as it’s something you feel so passionate about. I hope last night’s outing helped a little..


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