A Place for Us (Part Four)/Overview – Harriet Evans

Headline have serialised Harriet Evans’ latest novel in four parts. There will be no spoilers in this post and hopefully it will serve as an overview of the whole book and process, but if you don’t know anything about the novel, it might be worthwhile looking at my review for Part One first. (There are also reviews of parts two and three but they contain spoilers.)

In the final part of A Place for Us, Evans brings things for the Winter family to some conclusions. Florence’s trial takes places; Cat has to make a decision about whether to remain in France; Karen has to decide whether she’s happy with Joe and their living/childcare arrangements, and Martha has to work out how to bring her family back together. Safe to say Evans brings each storyline to a satisfying conclusion via more upset and some overt feminist commentary.

Reading about the Winter family in four parts over a spread of four months has been hugely enjoyable. The extracts were all approximately 100 pages in length, which is short enough to read in one sitting, and they were published four weeks apart, meaning you could still remember the content of the previous section and you were still keen to know what happened next.

A Place for Us is the first novel by Harriet Evans I’ve read. Previously I’ve been put off by the covers and titles of her books. I was wrong. This novel is populated with believable characters and interesting plot threads skilfully interwoven. It might have been my first Harriet Evans but it won’t be my last.


Thanks to Headline for the review copy. A Place for Us is available for ebook as four volumes now or in paperback and ebook as a single volume on January 15th 2015.

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