A Place for Us (Part Three) – Harriet Evans

Headline have published Harriet Evans’ latest novel, A Place for Us, in four digital episodes. If you haven’t read parts one and two, this will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS. I will point you towards my review of part one instead.

Part Three is where many more secrets are revealed. To begin with, it takes us back to the past, to David creating the sketches of the east end of London which were finally about to be exhibited, and creating Wilbur from some of Daisy’s drawings when under pressure in a meeting.

Evans moves between David’s childhood – his abusive father, the story of his younger sister and finally, the origins of Florence – and Martha struggling to even acknowledge that David is dead, unable to reach out to her children.

Tears poured down Martha’s cheeks. She retched, her throat swelling up so much with the power of grief that she thought, then and there, she was losing consciousness. She leaned against the wall, panting, sobbing, gasping for breath. But there was no one to hear her in the empty house. No one.

We also find out what’s really happening between Karen and Joe and Cat and Lucy both pay a visit to Winterfold. Florence’s legal proceedings are well underway but between them and the secret she’s uncovered, the strain is beginning to show.

Part three of A Place for Us is an absorbing read; we know the characters well by this point and this allows Evans to delve deeper into their stories and allow us to understand their motivations. I’ve enjoyed reading the book in serialisation and part three has been my favourite so far.


Thanks to Headline for the review copy.

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