In the Media: 24th August 2014

In the media is a weekly round-up of features written by, about or containing female writers that have appeared during the previous week and I think are insightful, interesting and/or thought-provoking. Linking to them is not necessarily a sign that I agree with everything that’s said but it’s definitely an indication that they’ve made me think. Also, just a note to make it clear that I’m using the term ‘media’ to include social media, so links to blog posts as well as traditional media are likely.

I’m on holiday at the moment. My intention was to update this by phone in case there was a corker in the Sunday papers. However, that might not happened, in which case, I’ll save it for next week! Regardless, it’s been a bumper week this week.

Women in Translation Month is coming to an end. You can see all the reviews posted so far on Biblibio’s site. There’s also been two good pieces from/about writers in translation this week:

Two online book magazines had new editions out this week with pieces that are definitely worth reading (as are the whole magazines):

And the new issue of Bookanista is full of goodies:

I wouldn’t usually link to reviews in this piece but there have been two fantastic ones this week:

Also in the Guardian:

Finally, you were probably under a rock if you missed it, but Kate Atkinson’s publishers Transworld announced that her next novel would be a companion piece to the best selling Life After Life, focusing on the younger brother, Teddy.

And the funniest thing I’ve read this week was Celeste Ballard in the New Yorker on ‘How to Pick a Good Summer Read‘. It certainly helped with my packing!

17 thoughts on “In the Media: 24th August 2014

  1. Yay for the new Atkinson! I think she is a terrific writer, both of male and female characters, so I can’t wait to read what she does with Teddy. 20th century life for a man must have been exciting, but what I’m dying to see is how he deals with women’s rights, racial issues and the British Empire’s loss of the colonies and how it affected colonizers and colonized.


  2. No prizes for guessing the link that immediately caught my eye – very interesting to read about Ferrante’s passion and desire to become a writer! And I loved Eric’s review of the new Ali Smith, too. Great round-up.


  3. I remember listening to a BBC interview around the time of publication of Life After Life when Kate Atkinson was asked what she might write next; she made two suggestions, one was an homage to Agatha Christie, about a group of people stranded in a countryside hotel in a snowstorm during a murder mystery weekend called Death at the Side of the Rook and the other a companion novel to Life After Life about Ursula’s younger brother Teddy, called A God in Ruins. I recall hoping it would be the latter. Looks like she decided to go with the sequel. I wonder if she will keep the same title?

    Thanks for the link to Elena Ferrante, I am sure her work must be doing really well in English, it has become so talked about. Time to finish my Simone De Beauvoir and get on with reading her!

    Another fabulous roundup Naomi, thanks for all the great links!


    • Yes, I believe A God in Ruins will be the title. Wow! That’s really interesting as she rarely seems to talk about what might be next. The other idea sounds interesting too though, I used to love Christie when I was younger.

      I hope Ferrante’s doing well, I haven’t read such an accurate portrayal of female friendship since Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood.

      Thank you! I’m glad people are enjoying it!


      • Yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if both books get written, she made a point of saying that she writes whatever she feels like, and doesn’t like to to be bound by genre. No wonder she has such a diverse following, although I think the crime followers might have been disappointed by the necessary sabbatical of Detective Brody her diversion off into other realms triggered. 🙂

        Can’t wait for the Ferrante!


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