Autobiography of Us – Aria Beth Sloss giveaway

Giveaway now closed.

Last year, I reviewed a lovely debut. The story of two female friends in 1960s America who are changed by an incident at college. I described it as ‘a gem of a debut novel’ and thanks to Picador, you can win a copy of the paperback published next week.

You can click the book cover to read my review and here’s the blurb:

Coming of age in early 1960s suburban California, Rebecca Madden and her beautiful, reckless best friend Alex dream of lives beyond their mothers’ narrow expectations. As teenagers they are inseparable. But then, one sweltering evening the summer before their college graduation, a single act of betrayal changes everything.

Decades later, Rebecca’s haunting confession reveals the truth about that night, the years that followed, and the friendship that defined her.

Gorgeous, captivating and compelling, Autobiography of Us is the story of two women caught between repression and rebellion, and the sacrifices, struggles and triumphs of a generation.

Entering the giveaway is easy, simply leave a comment below. As always, I’m happy to send worldwide. Entries close at 12pm U.K. time on Sunday 29th June and a winner will be chosen at random shortly afterwards.

Edit: As usual, I’ve allocated everyone who entered a number in order of entry:

1 – erdeaka
2 – Sally Pemberton
3 – Alice
4 – Ametista
5 – theabhishekkr
6 – Suzy
7 – outonthefringes
8 – Sam
9 – Debra

And the random number generator says:

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 12.06.47

Congratulations, Debra, an email’s on its way to you. Thanks to everyone else for entering and watch out for two big giveaways on the blog next week.

Thanks to Picador for the prize.

16 thoughts on “Autobiography of Us – Aria Beth Sloss giveaway

  1. Hi, thanks for holding the giveaway 🙂 literary works about women always get my special attention. I’d like to get this book and I hope I can win it. once again, thanks!


  2. Hi I am thrilled at the thought of another excellent book by a new talented writer – many thanks for holding the giveaway. sounds like a startlingly absorbing novel. already making me recollect the betrayals which happened at that time when I was at college and university very painful ages and times. thanks


  3. Hi, Naomi!
    Like the posters above, I thank you for hosting the giveaway. And as a non-UK resident, I thank you once more for keeping the competition open worldwide.


  4. It’s times like this I’m glad I study virtually in the UK – I know the time difference instantly! I love the cover of this book and I’m a sucker for the 1960s. Thanks for making the giveaway worldwide, us freezing Aussies appreciate it!


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