My Bailey’s Women’s Prize Wishlist

A few people have asked what I think will be on the Bailey’s Prize long list when it’s announced on Friday. The answer is: I have no idea! I always feel woefully under read whenever a prize list is announced and I’m sure Friday will be no exception. What I like about this is there’s always at least one novelist on the list who I’ve never heard of, whose book I read and love and who I discover has a long backlist which I can get stuck into. That’s my biggest wish for this year’s list!

As for the books I have read (and are eligible), these are the ones that I think are prize worthy. If you click on the picture, it will take you to my review. (The Tell-Tale Heart will take you to Bookmunch as I reviewed it for them.)

The four at the bottom of the page are ones I haven’t read yet but I’ve been hearing good things about and would love to have to make the time to read them.

14 thoughts on “My Bailey’s Women’s Prize Wishlist

  1. Good choices! The Engagements is new to me (I need to go and look it up) but all the others look like probable choices.It is such a good year for women writers. Last year I was struggling to think of enough books that deserved longlisting, this year I can’t decide how to narrow it down.


    • Hi Jackie, yes, I looked at your list and thought there were lots of probables on there too. It’s been a great year and I’m really looking forward to seeing the judges’ choices.


  2. Loved “The Engagements” and “The Luminaries” although I’m afraid “The Engagements” is not as appreciated as it should be which is really a shame. I think we all agree about “The Luminaries”. And now I need “The Woman Upstairs” because the title reminds me of Jane Eyre and the cover – I don’t know why – of Rebecca. Fancy a read-along? 😀


  3. Nice! I’ve only read three on your list, so I would be quite happy to just go with this list of yours and work my way through it (I didn’t have Mrs. Hemingway on my TBR, but I’ve added it now, although the Hemingway connection doesn’t normally pull me in). Seems possible that Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam and Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch could make an appearance, along with Lisa Moore’s Caught, but I’m never entirely sure on the question of rights and UK pub dates as compared to US/Cdn releases; anyway, I’m content to wait and enjoy the possibilities.


    • I’ve never read any Hemingway (don’t know if I should admit that!) but people I trust are saying the book’s great.

      Maddaddam’s eligible, I’d completely forgotten about it. I haven’t read any of the trilogy though so if it makes the list I’ll have to read the whole thing!

      The Goldfinch is highly likely to be on there. I enjoyed it at the time but have mixed feelings about it, especially the last fifty pages.

      I haven’t come across the Lisa Moore, I’m going to look it up now.


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